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- Sara

Louise has helped me to change for the better! I’m in control of my emotions and attitude towards food, I’m so grateful for that! 

- Dana

Louise chipped away at the old molding that didn’t suit nor benefit me. I am now the me I have waited for!

- Carina

I am peri menopausal and I was really struggling with my temperament, weight gain and general well being.

I was so lucky to have been introduced to Louise who has helped me tremendously. Her down to earth approach, knowledge and real life experiences have really helped me to understand this stage of my life. I am now feeling stronger, loosing weight at a healthy pace and feeling more confident as I approach menopause.

- Shiva

This has made a huge enhancement in my life and am grateful I found her!

Always trying to work on myself so thought I would seek for some professional guidance a friend of mine recommended Louise and I can truly say she has helped me immensely by giving me the tools to recondition and reapply my thoughts.

- Bridget

She talks through different health related topics. It is very interesting and I have learned so much. My whole approach to food has changed.

I started Baseline nutrition in January. After trying many diets over the years, I wasn't overly optimistic that Baseline would work. I actually didn't go into it to lose loads of weight, I was more interested in the health aspect. After being on the programme now for over three months, I am extremely happy I joined. Each week, I do an hour long session on zoom with Louise. 

I do not go hungry and I feel better than I felt in my 20s. I eat a balanced healthy diet and so many people are paying me compliments. I just feel so much better. If you're thinking of a healthy lifestyle, this is one to look at. Louise is totally non judgemental and so approachable. She guides you through the program and it works. 

I have no hesitation in recommending her as a health therapist and her programme is a wonderful education on living your best life. 

- Marianne

I’m so glad I found Louise when looking for someone to help me to change my habits and life. 

She is a really good professional and even a better human being. Always there to support you and to help you to understand what’s best for you. She makes things easy and helps you to keep motivated. I wanted to change my nutrition and loose some weight. And what in the beginning felt like a too big challenge, with Louise’s help wasn’t that difficult in the end. I lost 8 kg and have now a much more healthier lifestyle, more energy and a positive attitude towards food and life in general. Thank you Louise.

- Sarah

If you feel stuck and need to readdress your life choices then I would whole heartedly recommend Louise as a warm, funny, realistic therapist who truly inspires.

I was recommended to Louise by the owner of The House Hairdressing/A friend and thought I could really do with learning about myself and approaching my life from a different perspective.  I was fascinated by the process and whilst putting into practice all the valuable tools I was learning my whole focus changed for seeing things through an alternative view.  Nutrition was a major eye opener, having had so many misconceptions about fats and carbs and now just enjoying a very balanced eating spectrum allows me to find a sustainable solution.

- Hannah

I have been battling with my emotions & mental health for over 10 years, just when I thought I has given up on therapy Louise popped into my life! 

I will not hesitate seeing Louise again if needed and would highly recommend her to anyone whom needs help. For now, I’m to put to practice the tools Louise has given me to overcome past traumas.

Talking to Louise is like talking to old friend, yet a friend whom would patiently listen to you. Unlike most therapists I have come across in the past, Louise will not simply just ask the question of “how are you feeling?” And expect you to talk for an hour, when sometimes we don’t even know how we are feeling- she digs deep, asking real & raw questions & you end up talking about what really is bothering or worrying you . Louise will also ask you to resolve simple exercises and send you supporting documentation towards issues you may be facing. I felt very comfortable with Louise.

She has not only helped me, but also my family and I am grateful for her assistance and kindness.

- Margaret

In a nutshell, these are the qualities I attribute to Louise:
– unrelenting dedication
– full commitment
– truly knowledgeable
– high spirited.

- Veronica

I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their body, health, relationship with food and life coaching to work with Louise, she’ll show you how!

I have lived with the pattern of unhappiness, weight fluctuation and stress for years and years. I thought I knew it all, the different diets, clean eating, keto, fasting etc etc but never actually got anywhere. After stalking you for a few months, then finally getting in touch I’m finally done with following extreme, rigid approaches to diet and exercise and feel happy, healthy, confident without too much stress.


Louise is very warm, friendly and down to earth. She is empathetic, very practical and able to provide alternative ways to work on issues. My son thoroughly enjoyed sessions with her. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you xx

I reached out to Louise to help me with our 8 years old fussy eater. I cannot thank Louise enough, I´ve learnt so much about nutrition but also the language we use around food. With all the advice, tips and tricks we now have a little adventure eater in the house. Thank you so much, I highly recommend anyone struggle with their childrens eating patterns and behaviours to reach out to Louise.

Louise is kind, friendly and easy to talk to. She helped me with my anxiety problem that I thought was out of my control become manageable. She has helped me so much and I would definitely recommend her to other people suffering with anxiety. 

My daughter has struggled for years with low confidence. We have had a few sessions with Louise and seen excellent results. My daughter felt at ease with Louise. The support received has been superb. The experience has been better and more cost effective than with a psychologist we had seen previously. Thank you Louise.

I would highly recommend Louise. We were recommended Louise for our 11 year old daughter who struggles with anxiety, separation anxiety and starting a new school. Louise connected and understood my daughter so well. My daughter actually looked forward to the sessions. Louise has been incredibly supportive. I am so happy to see my daughter learn ways to cope with her worries, regain her self-confidence. We are so grateful to Louise, thank you so much.

Louise is a great therapist - very friendly and easy to talk to. She instantly puts you at ease and has a very good understanding of different techniques that might help.

Omg these chicken goujons marinated in Greek yoghurt are a massive hit in the house! Arthur and Louis ate nearly all of them so there’s none left over for my salad tomorrow hahaha 🤣 thanks so much for the recipe! Louis loves playing with his new toy kitchen and pretend foods too, he makes me pretend pizza everyday

My eldest daughter really needed some guidance regarding her food choices and to be honest - I think I was more confused on what I should give her or rather not give her? Thank goodness we found Louise who has been such an inspiration on so many levels to us both. When my daughter said - ¨Mom I feel so comfortable in my own skin now¨ I knew we were on the right track. A more compassionate lady who is truly invested in your success and that of your family- you will not meet another Louise and I say that with the utmost confidence. 

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