Private 1-2-1 Coaching

Getting what you want from life starts with 

I work with a handful of one-on-one clients both online and face to face to provide deeper personal insights.

I offer a non-judgemental, safe place to help you master your mind and body so that you can thrive in life. Through clear, actionable strategies and accountability I help you move forward in the fastest way possible. 

I am passionate about the combination of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with hypnotherapy. This is an integrative, non-medical approach that permanently helps with many health problems, including anxiety, stress, low self-worth, low mood, sleep problems and fatigue. 

I don't have a magic pill. Instead, I'm here as your one-on-one consultant, giving you the support of someone who understands the challenges you face. 

- Louise

We focus on NOW

I don’t dwell on issues from the past. 

Together, we look at your current diet and lifestyle, your beliefs, feelings and thoughts. These can be hard to identify by yourself because over the years they have become second nature. We replace these thoughts with more positive patterns and behaviours. 
1:1 consultations are designed exclusively for women who are ready to jump in and commit to themselves and their goals. They know they deserve better and they are prepared to invest in themselves. 

I don’t beat about the bush. I tell you the way things are and how best to succeed. I encourage you every step of the way and, like you, I never give up! 
I am serious about fast-tracking your success.

Identify how your thoughts, physical symptoms and behaviours interact to keep you struggling

No judging, no preaching, just no-nonsense nutrition programmes and lifestyle advice 

Intensive one-on-one online sessions to help you embrace new habits fast

Do away with unhelpful beliefs, thoughts and behaviours like yoyo dieting, binge eating and other unhelpful habits.

Develop the emotional intelligence to cope with new strategies confidently 

Relax around food / alcohol and know with certainty that you will always stay on track regardless of your environment

Combat stress, overwhelm, anxiety, low self-esteem and the feeling of not being good enough 

Overcome perfectionism, people-pleasing and imposter syndrome

Develop the tools and techniques to help you become your own therapist

Smash your goals and start thriving through life!

What you will achieve

How I help

It’s hard to take on new, healthy habits. As much as you try, going it alone may not get you the long-term results you hope for. That’s where I come in:

Individual, non-judgemental support. My one-to-one consultations are tailor-made for you so that they give you the emotional tools you need to thrive in any situation.  

Online cognitive behaviour and hypnotherapy consultations help you wherever you are. By putting certain new measures and thought patterns into place, you will soon be on the path to a healthier, happier you.

My nutrition programmes are given with one thing in mind: permanent, life-changing results. Your particular habits, preferences and tolerances are all taken into account when defining an individualised plan to last a lifetime.

Why book a consultation?

In the run-up to our first meeting, you may be asked to fill in a 4-day food diary plus an in-depth health questionnaire. This prepares me in advance so that I can put your consultations to the best use.

How it works

The initial consultation is important. In it, I gain an understanding of what is going on and how certain issues affect you - your health, family history, dietary habits, digestive function, occupation and any medical conditions. Together we decide upon treatment goals and a way forward for your sessions. 

You will probably find the first session is extremely therapeutic. In it, we begin to unlock the relationship between your feelings, thoughts and behaviours – the very issues that cause you to experience what you do.


Your subsequent consultations depend on your issues and are tailored to your specific needs I draw on evidence-based treatments integrating cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotism, mindfulness, compassion, and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). We also practise resilience skills such as deep relaxation, stress management, assertiveness and problem-solving. 

Consultations are typically short-term because my therapy is highly proactive. It involves you practising between sessions some of the techniques and tools we will go through together. The more you practice, the quicker the progress.
I guarantee that all treatment is strictly confidential (subject to ethical considerations regarding risk or harm to self or others), as required by professional practice bodies.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy that helps you to recognise and change your thinking patterns and behaviours. 

During our consultations, you will talk about:

How you think about yourself, the world and other people 

How the way you think affects your behaviour

How your behaviour affects your thoughts and feelings

The vicious cycle of thoughts, feelings and behaviours 

If you think upsetting thoughts, you feel upset and you think more about them, only re-enforcing those upsetting thoughts. Luckily you can break this cycle by changing the ways you think ("Cognitive") and behave (“Behaviour)". 
While it’s helpful to discuss your past and understand how it influences your problems, CBT focuses on improving your mental wellbeing NOW so that you can focus on building a better future.
Ready to make positive changes to the way you think, feel and act?

Hypnotherapy is NOT about entering a mystical 'trance-like' state as you’ve seen on TV magic shows!  Hypnosis is simply focused attention on a dominant idea - most often relaxation - with an expectation that by challenging your current responses, change will happen.

Not all hypnotherapy is the same

The method I use combines hypnotherapy with cognitive behavioural techniques. While hypnotherapy is very powerful, it can be a temporary fix if the underlying issues are not fully dealt with - which is where CBT comes in. 
95% to 98% of all our behaviours, thoughts and emotions are driven by the subconscious mind.
Therefore, unhelpful responses to our thoughts and feelings need working on at the subconscious level. It is during hypnotherapy that we make powerful suggestions (using hypnotic language, metaphors and stories) to forge new pathways in the brain to change the ways we think, feel and behave.   
Hypnotherapy is believed to be the fastest and most therapeutic approach to solving issues such as emotional/binge eating, anxiety and stress.