Anxiety / Perfectionism

Anxiety can be triggered by many different situations and is a common but unhelpful strategy by avoiding such situations. Perfectionism both causes anxiety and is the result of anxiety - it is a coping strategy - Perfectionism is a common issue.

Are you constantly fearful that something bad is going to happen and you won’t be able to cope? 

You may feel a racing heartbeat, sweating, rapid breathing or blushing, all typical of our 'fight or flight’ response. Anxiety means we often avoid triggers – an unhelpful strategy that leaves us very unable to cope should the anxiety-provoking situation arise.

Combined CBT and hypnotherapy help you to do away with all kinds of anxiety

- Social anxiety (public speaking, meeting new people, job interviews)

- Performance anxiety (sport, sex, exams)

- Fears and phobias (heights, flying, certain animals) 

- Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) - worry and worry about worry (hypochondria) 

- Panic attacks/panic disorder (often a fear of something more serious like a heart attack)


Many of my clients have found that CBT including acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is transformational when dealing with the challenges of panic attacks.

Other important anti-anxiety tools I may use are mindfulness and desensitisation using imaginal exposure, with or without hypnosis. These are proven cognitive behavioural techniques that can put an end to panic attacks. 

Do you procrastinate, plan excessively or prefer not to participate for fear of failing? 

Or, on a more general level, do you just know something is “not perfect” but you don’t know why? 


Perfection isn't possible.

As humans, however hard we try, making mistakes is inevitable. But finding ways to accept imperfection is truly liberating. Believe it or not, soon you will also enjoy the learning process instead of focusing only on successful outcomes.
Not everything depends on being the best. Perfectionism can affect all aspects of your life, from work to how you approach daily issues and your relationships with others
It’s time to re-think and re-appraise the attitude you’ve probably been afflicted with for most of your life. Removing perfectionism from the way you think and live sets you free.
During our consultations, I use cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy to help you to understand what is going on. You will learn valuable techniques to train yourself to look at things in healthier, more positive ways, not just now but for the rest of your life.   

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