Low Self-Esteem / Lack Of Confidence

Lack of assertiveness is at the root of many self-esteem issues. It also stops you from resolving problems confidently. Over time, many people develop negative coping strategies or 'thinking errors' which, in the end, only serve to reinforce their lack of self-esteem.  

Do you;

- Often seek the approval of others to feel confident in yourself

- Lack confidence in your ability to make decisions or express yourself

- Question your sense of self - who you are? 

- Have periods of low mood or depression

Learning to trust your feelings, thoughts and behaviours can transform your life as you build on your newfound confidence. And it’s not as difficult as you might think!

An evaluation of your values – establishing what’s important to you in life is a critical starting point. 
My consultations help you to fully understand what is going on. I then provide you with the tools to change often long-established, unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour.
We use a combination of cognitive awareness (awareness of your thoughts for what they are), mindfulness, relaxation, assertiveness and problem-solving techniques to bring about permanent change.  

Based in Marbella, Spain - I work with clients across my local area.

I also offer an online service supporting clients everywhere.

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I run my face-to-face clinic in Marbella, Spain with experienced therapists in supporting a wide range of issues.

Perimenopause/Menopause Health & Wellness

1:1 Signature 12-week programme

Premium Health Programme for Midlife Women

Bringing together nutrition, mental health and emotional wellbeing in the perimenopause and menopause.

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